NAATI Course

Tired of taking CCL again and again, need a get through..We are here to assure a better experience, and a smoother learning, best of the preparation courses you have ever experienced.

NAATI CCL Bangla Test Preparation
– Heaps of practices
– Minimum 10 mock dialogues practice
– Minimum 100 sentence practising opportunities
– Mock test results will be checked and discussed
– Important theories, techniques and strategies to pass the NAATI CCL

Course Objective:
Successfully pass the Naati CCL TEST and credit 5 points for community credentials in your permanent residency.

We specialise in:
– One on one problem solving
– Note taking techniques
– Techniques to avoid ums/urs, pause and delay
– Appropriate word using techniques
– Accurate delivery techniques

Our trainer:
– Has 15 years working experience in translating and interpreting industry
– Has 15 years experience in teaching IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, NAATI courses.

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