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Lannford is one of the leading Education Consultancy in the world, assisting International students from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia and Europe. Our expert assistance has made thousands of successful careers in Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

Lannford has a broad range of affiliation and network with the global workforce which has showed career path for many students as per the industry requirements when the study finished with our partner universities.

Our extensive portfolio and affiliations which includes over 150+ of the most prestigious education institutions globally with over 7500 choices of courses in Vocational Education and Training (VET), Higher Education (HE), English Language courses (ELICOS) and other suitable courses for the students from all type of study focus.

Lannford follows the process which is proven towards assisting the student admission which includes:

  • Understanding the personal & professional goals of client: The first counseling session involves understanding the student’s situation based on the educational background, aspirations, and the current skill set. We take note of the interests, mode of study-online, on premises, preferred city, where you like to live, costs calculation and scholarships which could be available to offset the cost of education globally. Key areas of focus: 1) Which country is the plan for migration and what level of skilled the client posses based on the immigration list? 2) What is the visa category the client will qualify? 3) Does the level of English meet the requirements for the client towards the course or university admission? 4) What is your current visa status of the client?
  • Discussing the study and provider option with the client: After the careful assessment of personal and professional goals of the client is identified, the second step would be discussing the universities and institutes options globally that offer the right career pathways towards the future goals. The possible steps would be: 1) Identifying whether the client would work towards a degree or a vocational course in the same country or globally. 2) Complete the assessment on the institutions that are best suited for the client (public / private education provider and necessary a pre-university English school). 3) The number of hours the client would be able to work and what will be the suitable class schedules. 4) Exploring all the suitable payment options for the course based on the client’s financial situation and the possible scholarships that may be available as part of the future study.
  • Assisting the GTE requirement for the client: The Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement (GTE) is an integrity measure to ensure that the Student Visa Programme is used as intended and not used by international students as a way of maintaining de facto permanent residency in Australia or around the world. GTE Criteria is a very crucial part as part of the process to maintain client’s future possible Australian student visa. Therefore, Lannford always tries to ensure that a very experienced student advisor who knows all the pitfalls should guide the client towards making the right decision as part of the visa application process. The important steps in this process are: 1) Ensure that the client maintains the school’s attendance criteria at all times. 2) Make sure the client always focus on the study and earn acceptable grades every semester. 3) Be very thoughtful on the course choice, especially when switching courses and the impacts / possible benefits 4) Guidelines towards the working hours within the expected thresholds of the visa requirements.
  • Course Enrollment and Visa application of the client: After the client’s situation is assessed, and enrolment plan is confirmed, the education advisor would guide the client through all the paperwork in a professional manner and manage every step of the enrollment process considering all the present and future goals of the client. The possible steps are: 1) Guiding the client on all the paperwork needed as part of the visa and application process including certified copies of academic transcripts, certificates, and other relevant documents.  2) Exploring the best possible option for the client with the selected providers through the course of the application and ensuring the Letter of Offer and confirmation of Enrollment. 3) Applying for the client’s new student visa and/or extension what is needed as part government guidelines.

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